Please note the MPMCA Backflow Certification numbering process has changed with the implementation of the new MPMCA/ASSE Nationally recognized Backflow Certification program. Any certification number issued by MPMCA prior to 2012 will be the year and a number following it (i.e. 09-XXX) and will be found in the "MI Only Certification" section in the search results and does not list an expiration date.

An individual who takes the class in 2012 or after, the new MPMCA numbering system will consist of MPMCA, and a set of numbers (i.e. MPMCA-XXXXX) and will be found in the "MPMCA/ASSE Certification" section in the search results. Also please note the new MPMCA/ASSE Certification program has a requirement in which the individual will have to recertify prior to its expiration date. Please make sure the tester you search for has a current certification.

Helpful Resources

5 day Backflow Application

1 day Recertification Application